Quangong Clausus Machinery Co., Ltd.
Quangong Clausus Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Zenith 1500-2 Automatic Clausus Machina

Zenith 940SC Mobile Clausus Condita Machina

Zenith 844SC stationarius Paving Clausus Machina

Zenith 913 Concrete Brick Laying Machine

ZN1500C/1800C Automatic Clausus Machinery

ZN1200C Automatic Clausus Machina

ZN1200S Concretam Bricks Machina

ZN900C Concretam Block Machina

ZN1000C Concretam Block Machina

ZN900CG Concretum Clausus Machina

QT10 Concretam Bricks Machina

QT6 Caementa Clausus Machina

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